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teni_challenge's Journal

Tenipuri Fanart Challenge
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This is a Prince of Tennis fanart challenge community. The reason it was created is because communities like fanart100 (or even as much as 7snogs) were a bit too much for me, as I only got inspired by certain prompts, and did not necessarily have time to finish a certain fanart even in a month's time. This a friendly, pressure-free fanart challenge community where weekly challenges will be posted, and it's up to you whether you want to reply to said challenge or not.

Previous challenges (which you can always answer, and as many times as you want) can be found HERE, and for replies to previous challenges check out the community Memories or the community Tags.

Suggestion post for challenges can be found HERE, and you're always welcome to suggest what you want to see done.

how to participate

There will be a challenge posted every Sunday by one of the moderators. If you feel so inspired, you answer it, and post your reply. There is no time limit whatsoever on the replies to the challenges--you can reply to it immediately, or even in a year's time. There is also no limit on how many times you reply to a challenge. The more, the better. ♥

Please use the following format when posting challenge replies:

Put [Fanart] (and--optional--the title of your fanart) in the subject line of your post.

Title: Like I said, this part is optional: it just makes later searching for fanarts (after we've tagged them and added them to memories) easier.
Challenge No:
Rating: NSFW will do if it's indeed not safe for work.

Copy and paste the following code:


i. This community is yaoi friendly, but that does not by any means exclude het or yuri. Please label each fanart appropriately (preferably by pairing) so people squeaked by certain themes can avoid them.

ii. On that line, if an image is Not Work/School Safe (NSFW), please label it as such, too, and put it behind a cut.

iii. Speaking of which, LJ cut is your friend. Please put all bigger images under a cut. Thank you.

iv. Please try and type normally, not LyKe DiS.

v. I think it's pretty obvious, but I'll say it anyway: please only post your own art, not someone else's. Icons and graphics are allowed, but please give proper credit.


vii. On that note, flaming will also not be tolerated. When critiquing art, please try doing so constructively. Treat everyone as you want to be treated.

Thank you. But the most important rule of all: have fun!


This community is currently maintained and moderated by kalamitykat, kirayukari or miska158. If you have any questions or problems, contact one of the mods, or leave a comment HERE. Thank you.

pimp away

Disclaimer: The TeniPuri mood theme created by the lovely dtn! Thank you~! ♥